Tyler James Bush | The Art Zone at Eagle Performing Arts Center – April, May & June 2012
I have been described as a Modern Renaissance Man because of my wide range of interests and talents. I'm eager to learn new traits, and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. The arts are my passion, and since a young age, I have been building and creating in a myriad of mediums. Whether I'm working at a desk, in a shop or outdoors, I'm comfortable using the tools necessary to get the job done. I hold degrees in Small Business Management and Computer Animation, and for the past 14 years, I have owned and run a multimedia company. I'm confident I can do any job I apply myself to—and do it well.
Tyler James Bush, Artist, Boise, Idaho, Los Angeles, Deer Lady's, Deer Ladies, Claytown, Clay, Modern Renditions
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The Art Zone at Eagle Performing Arts Center – April, May & June 2012

Multimedia art installation titled “Peacock Manor”

Following the success of Modern Art 2011, Tyler James Bush was asked by Amy O’Brien, Curator of Eagle Performing Arts Center, to transform the Art Zone space into “Home on the Strange.”

“The Art Zone space is a clear box. I controlled the feel within the box through lighting. I wrapped the box in black paper and hung old doors and windows around the outside. I cut the black paper backing to create viewing areas into the space, which allowed me not only to manipulate and control the viewing angles but to also protect the centerpiece that lie within: Peacock Manor. Peacock Manor is a dollhouse my grandmother began building when I was 5 years old. She spent over 18 years building the doll house on a 1:12 scale. I was thrilled to continue my grandmother’s work and to use it in my art installation. My grandmother recently turned 91 and was delighted that her dollhouse was once again on display. “Peacock Manor” complements my Deer Ladies series as it speaks to my love of history, the modern world, and my desire to combine them in new, unexpected ways.”

-Tyler James Bush

Press Release

“I love art.  I love the inspiration, creativity, and education that come with art.  But most importantly, I love how art is realized, interpreted, and ultimately lived.”

—Tyler James Bush

What: “Home on the Strange: Peacock Manor” artist reception

Where: Eagle Performing Arts Center, 1125 E. State St., Eagle

Date: May 11th – June 21st

Time: 4:00 – 8:00 P.M.

Boise, ID—Since the age of 10, local visual artist Tyler James Bush has been making art. His paintings, prints, and sculptures always reflected his whimsical nature and his love of classic Americana. But in recent years, Bush has begun to stretch the boundaries of his inspirations and use familiar items in unexpected ways, giving his work a touch of the surreal that resonates with viewers. On Friday, May 11, 2012, at the Eagle Performing Arts Center, the public will once again have an opportunity to view Bush’s ability to take the everyday and the sublime and combine them into something that is recognizable but somehow unique.

Bush’s newest exhibit “Home on the Strange: Peacock Manor” is an evolution of an idea that he has been developing since his popular living installation “Poker-Playing Deer Ladies” at Modern Art 2011. The gothic-styled Deer Ladies—complete with antlers—were one of the event’s biggest attractions and Bush wanted to carry that imagery over into works that viewers could take with them. In September 2011, Bush rented a Victorian mansion on 2nd and Jefferson streets and curated the inaugural “Home on the Strange” exhibit. Along with living antlered sculptures, Bush displayed hundreds of redesigned vintage China plates from his Deer Ladies series, weathered logs turned into fur-covered lamps, reimagined old ceramic figurines and more.

In “Peacock Manor,” Bush’s Deer Ladies are again on display, but the exhibit’s focal point is the actual Peacock Manor, a 1:12 scale 4-foot-tall dollhouse that Bush’s 91-year-old grandmother La Venia Jacobson spent 18 years building and furnishing.

Peacock Manor not only complements Bush’s Deer Ladies series but also speaks to his love of history and the modern world and his ability to combine them in new, unexpected ways.

From Eagle Performing Arts Center Website

Tyler James Bush – We welcome renaissance man Tyler James Bush to the Art Zone for the months of April, May and June. Over the past two years, he’s had gallery showings of his multimedia art installation “Home on the Strange.” He is expanding the theme and this time the centerpiece of the installation wil be Peacock Manor an over sized dollhouse. Tyler’s grandmother, LaVenia Jacobson began building Peacock Manor when Tyler was five years old and spent over 18 years on it. It is 1:12 scale. He is thrilled to continue his grandmother’s work and incorporate it into his new installation. She recently turned 91 and is delighted it is again on display.  http://epacdance.com/the-art-space/current-installation

Photo Gallery

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