Tyler James Bush | Modern Art 2012
I have been described as a Modern Renaissance Man because of my wide range of interests and talents. I'm eager to learn new traits, and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. The arts are my passion, and since a young age, I have been building and creating in a myriad of mediums. Whether I'm working at a desk, in a shop or outdoors, I'm comfortable using the tools necessary to get the job done. I hold degrees in Small Business Management and Computer Animation, and for the past 14 years, I have owned and run a multimedia company. I'm confident I can do any job I apply myself to—and do it well.
Tyler James Bush, Artist, Boise, Idaho, Los Angeles, Deer Lady's, Deer Ladies, Claytown, Clay, Modern Renditions
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Modern Art 2012

Bed-in for Peace
Room 117
Year 2012/Modern Day

Modern Art 2012 – Room 117 – Time-Lapse Footage – 5 Hours in 5 Minutes from Tyler James Bush on Vimeo.


Video Projection Artwork

Modern Art 2012 – Bed-in for Peace – Room 117 Projection Art Piece.

Color Treatment – Caribbean

Modern Art 2012 – Bed-in for Peace – Room 117 Projection Art Piece.

Color Treatment – Deep Ocean

Modern Art 2012 – Bed-in for Peace – Room 117 Projection Art Piece.

Color Treatment – Fire

Bed-in for Peace
Room 118
Year 1969


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Boise Weekly – Best of Boise
Best Artists’ Commune 2012
Modern Art
Editors’ Picks
Boise Weekly – September 26th 2012 – Page 50

The Modern Hotel and Bar may be filled with swanky decor and innovative cocktails on the reg, but once a year–First Thursday in May, to be precise–it’s filled to the brim with art of all kinds, food trucks, drink tents and tons of people packed closer together in its rooms and halls than babies in Octomom’s womb. The event celebrated its fifth birthday May 3. Boise Weekly asked patrons what they’d surrender for a piece of original work in the Art Barter Room, which was turned into a poker-playing speakeasy, and local artists filled rooms with portraits of dead celebrities, music, performances, a John and Yoko-inspired bed-in and oh-so-much more. The only question: How will year six stack up against such an array of awesome creativeness? 1314 W. Grove St., Boise, 208-424-8244,themodernhotel.com

Idaho Statesman – 13 Stories to catch up on – May 4, 2012 – Page 2

7 – Boise artists turn Downtown hotel into a gallery – Boise – Taking inspiration from John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Bed-Ins for Peace” in Amsterdam and Montreal, Minerva Jayne (right) and Tyler James Bush stage their own bed-in for peace during the “Modern Art” event at the Modern Hotel on Thursday night. The popular annual event featured art works and installations as the hotel turned its rooms over to artists for the night. Thousands filed through the rooms to see the diverse expressions from Boise’s arts community. JOE JASZEWSKI — Joe Jaszewski / Idaho Statesman


Slideshow: Fifth-Annual Modern Art at the Modern Hotel – MAY 4, 2012

The Modern Hotel’s mid-century decor seemed to rub off on this year’s crop of Modern artists. For the fifth-annual Modern Art event on May 3, Bryan Moore tricked out the wraparound porch of the hotel’s Business Office with vintage tiki decor, Bruce Maurey covered the walls of his vice-themed den with neon blacklight posters of celebrities who died in hotel rooms, and further down the hall, Vinyl Preservation Society slid into their polyester pantsuits and cranked out the disco jams.

Not to be left out of the throwback action, Boise Weekly staffers donned their finest flapper gear and poker faces in a 1920’s-themed speakeasy art barter room, while directly below, former BW’er Tyler Bush staged a re-creation of John and Yoko’s bed-in for peace with the fabulous Minerva Jayne, complete with frequent sing-a-longs.

But the evening wasn’t all a blast from the past. There were oracles, 9-year-old picketers, neon cat butts and crocheted VHS tape galore. Not to mention beds covered in delicate cut-paper, beds covered in pointy nails and downy feathers, and beds littered with stuffed fleshy bits, hair and marshmallows.

If you missed out on any of the artsy action, check out our slideshow here.


Boise Weekly – Modern Art Turns Five – A night of vice and VHS tape – May 2, 2012 

Hotels are hotbeds of celebrity vice and excess. Tales of line-snorting, champagne-swilling and the ensuing chandelier-swinging are so common they’ve become a cliched rite of passage for waifish starlets and wannabe rockstars.

Boise artist Bruce Maurey took inspiration from these sordid stories to create Room 224 at the fifth-annual Modern Art event at the Modern Hotel and Bar on First Thursday, May 3. Maurey is painting 10 9-foot by 8-foot panels of celebrities who have met their end in the confines of a hotel.

“It’s all painted in three colors, two of them are fluorescent and the whole place will be black-lit,” explained Maurey. “From there, I’m just going over the top with certain people who have died, whether it’s from pills or maybe cocaine or heroin.”

Maurey’s portraits include celebrities like Coco Chanel, Michael Hutchence from INXS, Janis Joplin and Nancy Spungen from Sid and Nancy.

“I’m trying to place everybody as close as I can to where they died–Martin Luther King is on the balcony because he was shot there, Whitney Houston is in the bathroom, Anna Nicole [Smith] is on the bed,” said Maurey.

But despite the macabre theme, Maurey insists the installation will be light-hearted.

“All of the imagery is very uplifting and happy,” said Maurey.

Not to be outdone in the realm of hotel excess, the Boise Weekly team will once again run the Art Barter Room, which has been moved up to Room 234. This year, we’re turning our primo, second-floor suite into a hazy Prohibition-era speakeasy, complete with a faux bathtub still, lounging flappers and a high-stakes poker table. Frim Fram Four will provide period music from 6-6:45 p.m. and 7:15-8 p.m., while the folks at Heirloom Dance Studio demonstrate ’20s-style rug-cutting.

And that’s just the tip of the Modern Art iceberg. In the second floor Business Office, artist Bryan Moore will create portraits in a vintage, tiki-themed space; in Room 241, writers Elizabeth Rodgers and Elisabeth McKetta will take prompts from participants; and in Room 117-118, Tyler Bush, Minerva Jayne, Laird Lucas and Tina Barnett will offer retro and modern takes on John and Yoko’s bed-in, complete with “Give Peace a Chance” sing-a-longs. In the Modern’s courtyard, attendees can contribute to the Fortune Tree, which was made in memory of artist Surel Mitchell, and marvel at the knitted/crocheted VHS-tape masterpiece spearheaded by Adrian Kershaw.

Modern Art curators Kerry Tullis and Amy O’Brien said they were taken aback by the number of new or unknown artists who applied to be part of the event this year.

“Again, we’re just shocked at the depth of the arts community,” said Tullis. “Last year, there were all these new people … And then it happened again this year in an even larger quantity.”

Idaho Statesman/Scene – You will meet your fate at Modern Art in Boise – April 27, 2012

Go ahead, take your chances. Just pick your fortune off a tree. Of course, it’s not any tree. This “Fortune Tree” is from the imagination of artist Surel Mitchell and this year it is a central installation in the courtyard at Modern Art — that creative orgy of art, performance and the unexpected that will take over the Modern Hotel on First Thursday.

Mitchell had a magical sense of whimsy, but her brand came with an ironic undercurrent that gave her art an edge and a wink.

This golden tree filled with cookie-style fortunes fluttering in the breeze, and written with spunk and bite, was an idea she had thought about since Modern Art started five years ago.

She intended to create it this year, but Mitchell died in October after a short and intense battle with lung cancer.

Before she died, Mitchell gathered her women artist friends together and shared her idea. They followed through for her, says artist and costume designer Star Moxley.

“We felt it was important to continue her vision,” Moxley says. “It’s a great opportunity for her friends to be able to fulfill that for her.”

The “Fortune Tree” is one of several art projects this year that draws on a community to pull it off. In the end, more than 50 people volunteered to help make the tree happen.

“People who knew and loved Surel just wanted to be part of it,” says Modern Hotel owner Elizabeth Tullis.

She started pulling people together a few months ago to get the project sprouting. Moxley, Karen Bubb and Mike Cordell helped design the physical tree.

More than 50 others have hand-written fortunes — many of which were originated by Mitchell. This year, each of the 50-plus Modern Art participants is being asked to contribute a fortune.

In five years of producing Modern Art at her hotel, this is the first piece of art Tullis has helped create.

“I love coming in each morning and finding a pile of fortunes on my desk,” Tullis says. “Surel would have loved this. So many people are part of it. And once someone pulls a fortune and reads it, they will be, too.”


Artist Adrian Kershaw started working with discarded videotape, weaving it into decorative vessels and other shapes.

Spurred by Modern Art co-organizer Amy O’Brien, Kershaw organized a new kind of knit-bomb called “Mylar Madness.” It will cover the Modern’s curved courtyard wall with knit and crocheted VHS tape (which is made of Mylar).

A knit bomb is when renegade knitters cover random public objects — from trees to bicycle racks — with lovingly knitted and crocheted art.

Kershaw and crew — about 20 to 30 knitters — have been gathering and creating a community while they knit with tape.

“It’s overwhelmed me a bit,” Kershaw says. “People just came to sit and knit and meet new people, separate from the artistic goal.”

The result will be a drape to wrap along the 30-foot by 6-1/2 foot curved courtyard wall.


There are art installations in 35 of the Modern Hotel’s rooms, even more on balconies and exterior spaces, the parking lot and bathrooms.

You can learn about hat making from master craftsman Randy Priest in room 101, or experience a reenactment of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Bed-In For Peace” then and now in rooms 117 and 118 by Tyler Bush, Tina Barnett and Laird Lucas.

You can check out next-gen artists Ruby Stigers and Cy and Francis Tullis in the bathrooms.

Stop by the Art Barter Room in suite 234 and offer something cool to trade for art. (Kershaw got a dental exam last year for one of her prints.)

And you’ll see performances this year by the Trey McIntyre Project dancers, Opera Idaho and more.

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