Tyler James Bush | Post Falls Press – OCTOBER 21st, 1999
I have been described as a Modern Renaissance Man because of my wide range of interests and talents. I'm eager to learn new traits, and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty. The arts are my passion, and since a young age, I have been building and creating in a myriad of mediums. Whether I'm working at a desk, in a shop or outdoors, I'm comfortable using the tools necessary to get the job done. I hold degrees in Small Business Management and Computer Animation, and for the past 14 years, I have owned and run a multimedia company. I'm confident I can do any job I apply myself to—and do it well.
Tyler James Bush, Artist, Boise, Idaho, Los Angeles, Deer Lady's, Deer Ladies, Claytown, Clay, Modern Renditions
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Post Falls Press – OCTOBER 21st, 1999

PFHS grad introduces fifth graders to his art.

By Andrew Biscoe

Post Falls Press

October 23, 1999

POST FALLS   A 1996 Post FaIls High School graduate, now attending art school in Los Angeles, brought Seltice Elementary fifth graders into his “town” of plasticene clay on Friday.

Tyler Bush harnessed the attention of the students from the outset of his presentation, explaining his art form in a way that opened a floodgate of constant questions.

Later on in the morning, all of the fifth grade classes got a chance to mold some clay themselves.

Bush is a self taught artist who has been working with clay for 11 years. He brought a portion of his “clay town” to show how his imagination and patience have worked to produce authentic replicas of a town and many other landmarks familiar to the kids.

“I have been doing this for as long as you have been alive,” Bush said. “As I got building clay, I built more and more. I started building more detailed houses. ”

After the houses came much bigger and famous structures familiar to Americans and people throughout the world. Bush has built clay replicas of the Taj Mahal in India, the White House, the Statue of Liberty and the Titanic.

The miniature statue features fine details right down to the famous green lady’s crown.

“How long did it take you to make it?” asked one student?

“I had the vision of it in my head,” Bush said. “I knew I wanted to build it I just created it.”

“I’m really influenced by Disney,” Bush said. “I’ve made Mickey Mouse, Gumby, and Felix too.”

Bush said molding clay is harder than it looks.

“Don’t get discouraged,” he told the kids. “We don’t expect you to build this kind of quality of stuff today.”

While he was proud of his replicas of monuments, Bush expressed the most pride with his miniature town.

“My town is constantly under construction,” he said, adding he has even built a military to protect it.

“You never know when another play town is going to invade,” he said. “I’ve got my urban assault vehicles ready.”

A small section of his town covered about two students’ desks. The actual entire town   complete with trees, houses, a golf course, tennis courts and cars   is 32 feet long and a couple of feet wide.

The students challenged Bush to make an alien on the spot.

Making quick work out of 10 minutes, Bush molded the clay into a small, green and bug eyed alien.

“Put some clothes on him, because this isn’t hippie time,” one student suggested.

“Give him a laser gun,” another said.

Bush complied with the first suggestion, making a small clay belt to hold up the alien’s “shorts.”

Sure enough, before the ten minutes had ticked away, the little alien stood on a table before the smiling students.

Bush said he was first drawn to clay when he was a first grader because it was an “easy medium.” later on; it became much of his life. Clay kept him up until all hours of the night

“I stayed up until 3 a.m. some times,” Bush said. “I could get it done a day faster.”

He doesn’t have that luxury now as he attends art school in California.

Bush is earning a degree in computer animation at the Art Institute of Los Angeles.

And he rules his Claytown.

“I’m the president, owner, emperor and sultan of my town,” Bush said. “You guys don’t get bored, do you?’

“Yes,” some students groaned in response.

“Start a clay town,” he said.